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A Webinar on Proxy Re-encryption (PRE)

Event Report

Dr. P. Kannan, Professor & HOD of ECE delivered the welcome address and introduced the chief guest. Dr. S. Sree Vivek addressed the participants and shared his views about Proxy Re-Encryption for DRM on 23.8.2016 (2.00pm) through online video conference call.

He stated that the purpose of Proxy Re-Encryption for Digital Rights Management is to give a platform for cryptography and modern cryptography for hiding the information.

He discussed the multi-use bi-directional Proxy Re-Encryption and also explained about the attack on Apple iTunes by DVD and taught the application of Proxy Re-Encryption in Digit Rights Management. He explained in detail about the research articles published on Proxy Re-Encryption every year and welcomed the students to the exciting world of PRE.

The final year ECE students and First and Second Year Students of M.E- Communication Systems participated in this webinar. At the end of the session students gave their feedback about the webinar. The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Mr. K. Madhan Kumar, of ECE Department.