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      The Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI), the premier professional body of engineers in India, has contributed significantly in all faculties of engineering and all sectors of applications like academics, administration, industry, infrastructure and consultancy. IEI has been functioning under the objectives laid down in the Royal Charter, sanctioned in 1935, and has contributed to the national socio-technoeconomic development policies. First ever attempt for formulating a 'Strategic Plan' for IEI was made in 1994. It has taken 20 years since then to concretize and evolve the IEI Vision. In 2012 the IEI Council approved and adopted the 10 Year Strategic Plan for 2012-22 to coincide with 12th and 13th Five Year Plans. The Strategic Plan mandated IEI to develop its Vision Document.

      IEI Vision Document is based on the Strategic Plan approved by the Council. The idea to develop this document is to concretize and present a Vision for the future so that the members accept to ethically follow the approved road map for development. The Vision Document is based on the present and future global sustainable development approach and the profile of the professional engineers to respond to those needs. The Vision of IEI includes the Road Map for attaining the Vision in terms of Mission, Objectives, Strategies, Functions and Ethical Behaviour. This document presents the IEI Vision to overcome the challenges of the next decade and ensure sustainable development. Eleven different Key Actions have been identified to ensure successful transformation.

      IEI Vision supports ethical behavior in pursuit of professional excellence by the engineering fraternity to be in a position to serve and improve the quality of life in more areas of the world with their services. The Vision Document emerged out of serious and repeated consultations by the Strategic Plan Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. N.C. Vaish, Past President, IEI. Mr. Ashok Basa, President, IEI, took the initiative to get approval of the Council for the document and organise its publication urgently. Maj Gen (Retd) R.K. Sanan, VSM, Secretary and Director General, IEI and the Member Secretary of the Committee, provided crucial and important inputs and support from the Secretariat.

Staff coordinator

Staff Name Department Designation
Mr. Jaffar Ali I CSE Assistant Professor

Branchwise Staff Adviser

Staff Name Department Designation
Dr. Pushpa Ranjini D CSE Professor
Mr. Packia Dhas Y R ECE Associate Professor
Mr. Subanth Williams A EEE Assistant Professor
Mr. Saravanan S Civil Assistant Professor
Mr. Gopala Krishnan. M A Mech Assistant Professor

Overall Student Co ordinator

Student Name Department Year
Syed Samoon S J CSE IV

Branchwise Student Co ordinator

Student Name Department Year
Maharajan M CSE IV
Riswana K CSE IV
Andrews Sonia C ECE IV
Abi Arokia Rahisha B EEE IV
Logeshwaran K CivilL III
Raja Suresh R Mech IV
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