The Department aims at providing high quality training to students through the latest in Information Technology. In order to maintain the standard of education, the Department constantly upgrades the syllabi so as to keep the students well exposed to deal with current trends in the field of Information Technology.

The laboratories for Programming, Data Structure, RDBMS, Graphics and Multimedia, P.C. Hardware, Internet Browsing etc have licensed software from Basic, Fortran, Borland C++, Visual Studio, Visual Basic etc., down to all Multimedia Software, Adobe, Oracle 9i, NT Server, SCO Open Server and MS Server 2003, Rational Suite, Visibroker, CORBA/J2EE, SQL etc., and operating systems like Windows 98, Windows XP Pro, Unix and Red Hat Linux.

The Multimedia Lab is equipped with web camera in all the systems to facilitate video conferencing. About 300 PC systems, a number of them higher end P IV systems, with 8 IBM and Acer Servers cater to the computing needs of the different Departments.

A research Laboratory with 30 Acer PCs with 2.8 MHz processor and an IBM Dual Xeon processor Server is a new addition to help final year students to carry out their projects within the Campus.

The Department places emphasis on Component technology, Distributed Computing, Information Security, High Speed Networks, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Agile Programming Methodologies, language Technologies, Software Architecture, Software metrics, and several other recent topics.

The curriculum of all courses are designed in such a way so as to enable students to carry out major and minor projects in leading industries/institutions, besides their regular classes and seminars.

Interactive Voice Response System is introduced to help parents know the progress of their wards in attendance, performance, results, payments of fees, penal actions, if any, etc by telephone.

A Campus Automation System is implemented networking all the Departments in the Campus by fiber optic cables.

The Department regularly organizes a series of lectures by academicians and professionals of the highest repute, which lay stress on the latest innovative technologies in the field of Information Technology.


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