List of faculties with Ph.D degree

NAME Designation Awarded Year Field of Specialization
Dr. Mohamed Sheriff N Principal 2005 Manufacturing Technology
Dr. Shanthi.R Prof & Head / English 2013 Communication Skills
Dr. KalaiSelvi.A Prof & Head / MCA 2013 Image Processing and Security
Dr. Angel Raphella.S Prof & Head / MBA 2013 Customer Relationship Management
Dr. D. PushpaRanjini Prof / CSE 2015 Data / Video Mining
Dr.P.Kannan Prof & Head / ECE 2015 Image Processing and VLSI Design
Dr. K.Madhan Kumar Prof / ECE 2016 Image Processing
Dr. S. Babu Renga Rajan Prof / CSE 2017 Data Mining

  • Dr.N.Mohamed Sheriff, Principal and Dr.P.Kannan, Head & Prof, ECE department are recognized Research Guides Anna University Chennai.

  • 11 of our faculty members are undergoing Ph.D work and they are in various levels from verge of Viva to Course work.
NAME Designation Field of Specialization
Prof. Alwin Joe M Head & Prof / Mech Fiber Composite Materials
Mr.S.Mookan Head & Prof / Maths Operations Research
Mrs. R.KalaiSelvi Head & ASP /EEE Special Electrical Machines
Mrs. R. Suja ASP /EEE Special Electrical Machines
Mr. MuthuPerumal Pillai S ASP / MCA Image Processing
Mr. Antony Alex Raja.K AP /Mech Network Security
Mr. Rajesh R V AP /MCA Data Mining
Mr. A. Subanth Williams AP /EEE Power Quality
Mr. Karthick.J AP / Mech Fiber Composite Materials
Mr. AnvarKasim.P AP / Chemistry Corrosion
Mr. Samsudeen Shaffi. S AP / CSE Data Mining
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