Department of Computer Science and Engineering

PET Engineering College

Department Activities

Inaugural Function of CSE and Web Development Workshop

Event Report

The Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology of PET Engineering College jointly organized the inaugural function of Computer Society of India (CSI) and Institute of Engineers (India) Student's Chapter.

H. Faiza Mubeena of II year CSE welcomed the gathering. Dr.N.Mohamed Sheriff, the Principal presided and delivered the presidential address. The Correspondent, Prof.S.Abubucker delivered the inaugural address. Prof.S.Babu Rengarajan, HOD of CSE & IT Departments felicitated the gathering. M.Sherin Sameeha of III year CSE presented the annual report

Mrs.Shanmuga Sundari, Software Designer of IFY Technologies conducted web Development Workshop for the Students. Prof.D.Pushparanjini introduced the office Bearers for the year 2016-2017. S.Mohamed Nafeel, a third year Computer Science and Engineering student proposed vote of thanks.

Objective of the Course

  • To be familiar with webpage design using HTML/CSS.
  • To implement basic JavaScript.
  • To learn about creating dynamic webpage by modifying an HTML page using JavaScript.
  • To learn to apply immediate and advanced web development practices.

Outcome of the Course

  • Structure and implement HTML/CSS.
  • Apply intermediate and advanced web development practices.
  • Implement basic JavaScript.
  • Create visualizations in accordance with UI/UX theories.
  • Develop a fully functioning website and deploy on a web server.