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Workshop on Java Programming

Event Report

The department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a workshop on Java Progamming. The workshop was presented by the Resource person Mr.K.Kesava Krishnan, Mr.A.Meeran Bayasdeen, ZOHO Corporation, Chennai.

Dr. S. Babu Renga Rajan, HOD of CSE Department welcomed the participants and Dr. N. Mohamed Sheriff Principal introduced the chief guest and handed over session to the resource person. 34 students from Final Year CSE, 18 students from Third Year CSE and 11 students from Second Year ME CSE participated in the workshop.

In Day 5 afternoon session teams are separated. Each team is allocated a project based on their choice The Teams are Created a project based on the java programming concepts. And Issues Participation certificate to all the students.

Mrs D.Mary Nisha, AP/CSE carried out all the necessary arrangements for the program and circulating the E-Certificates to the participants.

Objective of the Course

  • To be familiar with computer programming Using Java Programming with Object Oriented Programming principles.
  • To understand the event-driven programming methods using java for Network level programming and middleware development.
  • To understand the interface in java.
  • To learn about java polymorphism.
  • To learn to facilitate CRUD operations using JDBC API.

Outcome of the Course

  • Use an integrated development environment to write, compile, run, and test simple object-oriented Java programs
  • Read and make elementary modifications to Java programs that solve real-world problems.
  • Validate input in a Java program.
  • Identify and fix defects and common security issues in code.
  • Document a Java program using JavaDoc.
  • Use a version control system to track source code in a project.