UG Departments

Artificial Intellingence and Data Science

To teach the underlying concept of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science and how they can be used to solve real-world problems


Trains the students in such a way to meet the demands of the job market in the construction industries

Computer Science

Transform the back trodden student community into globally competent, innovative and socially responsible computer professionals

Electrical and Electronics

Provides the students the industrial environment much needed for real life training

Electronics and Communications

Provides a classic technical education to the students and makes the students blossom into meritorious and self disciplined engineers


To produce highly competent Mechanical Engineers and enable them for employment and higher studies

First Year

To stepup the basics of the student to become an engineer

PG Departments

Communication Systems

To produce high quality, competent and socially responsible electronics and communication engineers

Computer Science

To meet the requirements of the emerging Software industry / discipline after the consultation with various stakeholders

Business Administration

Students get immense opportunities to learn from industry experts leading to strong industry-student interactions

Computer Applications

Enable students to be aware of their inner potential and cultivate creativity and initiative as well as innovative thinking among students