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A one month skill enhancement activity is conducted by the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering from 06/09/2021 to 30/09/2021 to bring about the holistic development of the students so as to enable them to meet the "survival of the fittest" adage of the day. The students will be trained to meet the requirements of MNCs and other lucrative posts in government, public sector and private sector companies. Special training is imparted to students in various spheres like Quantitative aptitude, Logic Reasoning, Verbal and coding concepts to create architects of new India who has got the responsibility of taking this nation towards glory.

There is a hue and cry in the job market that though lakhs of Engineers are coming out every year nearly 25-35 % of the Engineers are unable to comprehend English usage in basic conversations and they also do not posses simple mathematical skills the they ought to know. To improvise this setback, special effort is taken by the faculty of the department with the coordination of staff of other disciplines to groom their talents.

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