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Prototype Process Design and Development

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The Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) department (Research and development, IIC, IETE) of the institution organized a workshop on Prototype and Process Design Development. The resource person for the workshop was conducted by Er. Velayutham, a distinguished Senior Embedded System Engineer. It was conducted for 2 days (27.03.24 & 28.03.24) within the college premises. This workshop aimed to equip engineering students and enthusiasts with invaluable insights and practical skills necessary for successful product development and design refinement.

The event commenced with Quirath recitation by Mr. H. Abubacker Siddic, III yr ECE setting a reflective tone for the day's proceedings. Ms. Gayathiri, III ECE delivered a warm welcome address, expressing gratitude to Er. Velayutham for gracing the occasion and emphasizing the significance of the workshop in enhancing student's practical skills. The resource person was an expertise in the field of embedded systems, promising an engaging and enriching learning experience for participants. The workshop had comprehensive sessions covering essential topics such as prototyping fundamentals, process design principles, hands-on prototyping techniques, iterative design processes, risk management strategies, and analysis of real-world case studies.

In the Valedictory function, Ms. L. Sahaya Jemi Priya, III yr. ECE delivered vote of thanks, expressing appreciation to Er. Velayutham for his invaluable contributions and to all participants for their active participation and enthusiasm throughout the workshop. The Principal Dr. K. Madhan Kumar and Head of the Department Mrs. C. Rekha, ASP/ECE distributed certificates to participants, recognizing their dedication and commitment to enhancing their skills in prototype and process design development. The arrangements was made by X. M. Binisha, AP/ECE.

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