Department of ME Computer Science

PET Engineering College

Lab Facilities

Department Lab Details
  • All the necessary laboratories for programming, Data Structures, RDBMS, Graphics and Multimedia, Computer Hardware, Internet Browsing etc. are established.

  • The Multimedia Laboratory is well equipped with Web Camera in all the systems to facilitate Video Conferencing.

  • More than 600 computer systems, a number of them with high and PIV systems, with IBM and HP Servers cater top the computing need of the different departments.

  • A Research laboratory with latest HCL PCs with 2.8 Ghz processor and an IBM Dual Xeon Processor Server is established to help final year students to carry out their projects within campus.

  • The Network Laboratory is equipped with Cisco routers and all the buildings in the Campus to connected using routers, switches and media converters as a single corporate LAN.

  • The Campus Networking helps to share information and resources in the entire Campus at any time.

  • The network is provided with VPN firewall to protect the network from anonymous threats.

  • All licensed software from Basic, Fortran, Borland C++,Visual Sudio, Visual Basic, etc . down to all Multimedia software Adobe, Oracle 9i, NT Server, SCO open server, M.S> Server 2003, Rational suite, Visibroker, CORBA/J2EE, DB@,etc.

  • Operating Systems like- Windows98, Windows XP Pro, Unix and Red Hat Linux are used in all labs.

  • The application software and operating systems are all multi-user licenses.