Department of Computer Science and Engineering

PET Engineering College

Placements Details

Sl. No. Batch Student Name Company Name
1.2017-21Micheal WinstoneChain-Sys India Pvt Ltd
2.2017-21Lincy Golda S Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
3.2017-21Prem Sangeetha A Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
4.2017-21Subashree E Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
5.2017-21Vasanthi S Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
6.2017-21Divya N Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
7.2017-21Kathijal Banu P Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
8.2017-21Nithya Kalyani S Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
9.2017-21Sahaya Sharmiya R Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
10.2017-21Susmitha J Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
11.2017-21Akshara A Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
12.2017-21Jenifer R Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
13.2017-21Manisha S Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
14.2017-21Rahumathun Sanjeetha S MVenpa Staffing Services India (P) L
15.2017-21Subethal Nishwan S Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
16.2017-21Elbarajathi A Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
17.2017-21Keerthana T Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
18.2017-21Parvathi K Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
19.2017-21Selciya M Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
20.2017-21Thanga Manju T Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
21.2017-21Alhajimal Syed Ali S Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
22.2017-21Karthika C Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
23.2017-21Nabishal Firthouse S Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
24.2017-21Rajashree A Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
25.2017-21Suganya R Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
26.2017-21Ajima M Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
27.2017-21Esakkiammal M Venpa Staffing Services India (P) L
28.2015-19Anusiya SIDBI Federal Life Insurance
29.2015-19Parthiban PIDBI Federal Life Insurance
30.2015-19Santhiya RIDBI Federal Life Insurance
31.2015-19Esakkiammal NIDBI Federal Life Insurance
32.2015-19Ruwaiz SIDBI Federal Life Insurance
33.2015-19Baby Laxmi CIDBI Federal Life Insurance
34.2015-19Priyadharshini RIDBI Federal Life Insurance
35.2015-19Gopalakrishnan CIDBI Federal Life Insurance
36.2015-19Rashmi A SIDBI Federal Life Insurance
37.2015-19Siva JIDBI Federal Life Insurance
38.2015-19Ramkumar SIDBI Federal Life Insurance
39.2014-18Anto Hingis Induja.AIntelenet Global Services
40.2014-18Nasika Banu.PIntelenet Global Services
41.2014-18Maria Sherin.LIntelenet Global Services
42.2014-18Maria Shimona Diju.AIntelenet Global Services
43.2014-18Sumathi.PIntelenet Global Services
44.2014-18Indira.AIntelenet Global Services
45.2014-18Nishath.NIntelenet Global Services
46.2014-18Alshifa.JIntelenet Global Services
47.2014-18Mohammed Nafeel.SIntelenet Global Services
48.2014-18Anjana Devi .MIntelenet Global Services
49.2014-18Malarmathi.BIntelenet Global Services
50.2014-18Pushpa Shalini.MIntelenet Global Services
51.2014-18Sherin Sameeha.MMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
52.2014-18Nasika Banu.PMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
53.2014-18Steffi Dorgus.AMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
54.2014-18Ann Snowfia.SMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
55.2014-18Thamuna.LMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
56.2014-18Ramalakshmi.EKLR Global Inc.
57.2014-18Pooja.JKLR Global Inc.
58.2014-18Fathima Najeema.KKLR Global Inc.
59.2014-18Siva Anitha.IKLR Global Inc.
60.2014-18Roja.GKLR Global Inc.
61.2014-18Maria Sherin.LKLR Global Inc.
62.2014-18IndumathiKLR Global Inc.
63.2014-18Stella.SKLR Global Inc.
64.2014-18Bagavathi.BKLR Global Inc.
65.2014-18Sankaranarayanan.CKLR Global Inc.
66.2014-18Bagavathi.BBerezia Technology
67.2014-18Sherin Sameeha.MInfosys
68.2014-18Bharath SgoDB
69.2013-17V AbishaOM Innovation
70.2013-17S.J Syed SamoonOM Innovation
71.2013-17A VannamuthuOM Innovation
72.2013-17K RiswanaOM Innovation
73.2013-17D Sunil VelladuraiOM Innovation
74.2013-17S Bala SinghOM Innovation
75.2013-17N VennilaOM Innovation
76.2013-17M ManishaOM Innovation
77.2013-17A Merlin TherashOM Innovation
78.2013-17R ParameshwariOM Innovation
79.2013-17M Ahamed SameerOM Innovation
80.2013-17R VenkateshOM Innovation
81.2013-17C Beril JenoferOM Innovation
82.2013-17S Usha SherlinOM Innovation
83.2013-17E.S Siva RenjiniOM Innovation
84.2013-17I Selva VishaliOM Innovation
85.2013-17N Afrin RoshniTeam Lease Services
86.2013-17K Hazeena FathimaTeam Lease Services
87.2013-17B Durga DeviTeam Lease Services
88.2013-17A Merlin TherashTeam Lease Services
89.2013-17L Meena KumariTeam Lease Services
90.2013-17R SweetlinTeam Lease Services
91.2013-17S Mary EmilinTeam Lease Services
92.2013-17S PetchimuthuTeam Lease Services
93.2013-17G Anto Jebajose MonicaTeam Lease Services
94.2013-17T Uthra DeviTeam Lease Services
95.2013-17Nadar Sabita RajanIntelenet Global Services
96.2013-17R SweetlinIntelenet Global Services
97.2013-17K Antony Rosema ShinyIntelenet Global Services
98.2013-17K Swathy SanthiyaIntelenet Global Services
99.2013-17T Uthra DeviIntelenet Global Services
100.2013-17T Siva RanjaniIntelenet Global Services
101.2013-17B AgilaIntelenet Global Services
102.2013-17V.T LogeswariMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
103.2013-17M MarzukaliMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
104.2013-17P.ManimalaMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
105.2013-17S Udhaya KumariMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
106.2013-17S.J Syed SamoonMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
107.2013-17S SuganthiMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
108.2013-17V Maria JenifaMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
109.2013-17P.ManimalaMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
110.2013-17G Maria Agatha DaphneMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
111.2013-17P.ManimalaMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
112.2013-17J StanikaMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.
113.2013-17E.S Siva RenjiniMagus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd.