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Hands on Practice in Mobile Application Development

Event Report

Five days Hands on practice in Mobile Application Development was jointly organized by department of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology. Hands on practice was handled by the faculty members Mrs. Evelyn Tabitha E, Assistant Professor, Mr. Samsudeen Shaffi S, Assistant Professor, Ms. Bruntha B, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Department

Mr. S. Babu Rengarajan, HOD of CSE Department welcomed the participants and Dr. N. Mohamned Sherif, Principal delivered the inaugural address. 63 students from Final year CSE,36 students from Final Year IT and 15 students from Second Year ME-CSE participated in the workshop.

Objective of the course

  • To learn the basics, history of Android and its OS working pattern.
  • To understand the role of intent in Android.
  • To understand the fragments & Action bar in Android app development.
  • To understand the Android advanced UI.
  • To understand the android storage, network access and asynchronous processing.

Outcomes for the course
Upon completion of the course students were able to:

  • Install and configure Android application development tools.
  • Design and develop user Interfaces for the Android platform.
  • Save state information across important operating system events.
  • Apply Java programming concepts to Android application development

In last session teams were separated based on the strength. Each team was allocated a project based on their choice. The Teams created a project using the concepts taught on the previous sessions. Feedbacks were collected from the students and participation certificates were distributed.