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Five Day Webinar on Python Programming

Event Report

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, PET Engineering College ,Vallioor 627117 organized a "Five Day Webinar On Python Programming" from 15 June 2020 to 19 June 2020. More than 150 participants registered from all over India and also overseas. And the five day session was handled by the Department faculties.

Mrs. A. Haseena Beevi, Mrs. D. Mary Nisha, Mrs. M. Elza Melif acted as the resource persons.

The Day1 session began with a welcome note by Dr. S. Babu Renga Rajan HOD/CSE Convener of the event and our institution Dean Dr. J. Mohammed Jahabar and our beloved Principal Dr. K. Madhan Kumar graced the meeting with their presence.

More than 150 students registered and benefited from the webinar. Of this, 36 students from Final Year, Third Year and Second Year of CSE department participated in the webinar and also 3 students from ME-CSE participated in the webinar. The participants got an insight on Python Programming on how to develop code and deploy it to create an application and each day there was a feedback session coupled with assessment to make the webinar more effective.

We would like to thank the management and participants from various other institutions across India and abroad for their active participation and support throughout the program.

Objective of the Course

  • To know the basics of python
  • To understand the lambda functions, comprehension in python
  • To understand the concepts of generators, decorators and hashability in python
  • To implement python programs with conditionals and loops in python
  • To read and write simple python programs

Outcome of the Course

  • Write, test, and debug simple python programs.
  • Implement python programs with conditionals and loops.
  • Develop python programs step-wise by defining functions and calling them.
  • Use python programs step-wise by defining functions and calling them.
  • Use python lists, tuples, dictionaries for representing compound data.
  • Read and write data from/to files in