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Department Overview

Department Overview

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The Department of General Engineering, is the driving force of the entire Engineering Education. It renders support in myriad ways for the efficient functioning of the Engineering Departments by promoting quality training in basic sciences, Arts and soft skills.

Department of English

The Department of English comprises of a team of dynamic and dedicated faculty members who strive towards accomplishing the following objectives.

English is an indisputable language, used world wide in business communication and the most common medium in the Indian education scenario. Globalization and the advent of Information Technology added importance to proficiency and fluency in English. In modern times, only those who have good mastery and command over the language are able to get lucrative assignments in MNCs.

The primary objective of English Department is to improve the learners oral fluency in English.

  • To help the learners acquire the readiness to speak in English.
  • To develop the subskills required for paper presentation and group discussion.
  • To facilitate the development of the learners proficiency in meaningful interaction.
  • To provide the learners linguistic support for managing vital sub-functions of communication.

Department of Chemistry

This department constantly aims to provide a different hue to the technical curriculum and the main focus of Engineering Chemistry is to educate about the proper exploitation of natural resources, coupled with environmentally friendly exercise. With this perception the faculty aims to train everyone to have proper hands on exposure in the laboratory.

Department of Physics

Understanding the basic concepts of Physics forms the integral part of technical learning. In view of this, DCE has on it rolls a band of qualified, committed and motivating faculty who not only teach but also demonstrate.

Sophisticated instruments such as 30 MHz Dual trace CRO, ultrasonic interferometer, spectrometers, traveling microscopes etc. are made available to make learning of Physics really enjoyable.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is at the fore-front of feeding basic mathematical methods and ideas to solve problems arising in Engineering Science and Technology. It also promotes the appropriate and effective use of mathematical tools in the profession of Engineering.