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Academic Research

List of faculties with Ph.D degree

Name Designation & Department Specialization Year
Dr. Madhan Kumar KPrincipalImage Processing2016
Dr. Jalal AProfessor and Head / Master of Business AdministrationCommerce1994
Dr. Kalai Selvi AProfessor and Head / Master of Computer ApplicationsImage Processing and Security2013
Dr. Pushpa Ranjini DProfessor / Computer Science and EngineeringVideo Mining2015
Dr. Babu Renga Rajan SProfessor and Head / ME Computer ScienceData Mining2017
Dr. Mookkan SProfessor and Head / MathematicsOperations Research2019
Dr. Sokkanathan GAssociate Professor / Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering2020
Dr. Raja Jeyaseelan TProfessor and Head / Mechanical Engineering Thermal2020
Dr. Sharmila Kumari D VAssistant Professor & HOD / ChemistryEnvironmental Chemistry 2021

List of faculties undergoing research work

Name Designation & Department Specialization
Mrs. Kalai Selvi RAssociate Professor / Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSpecial Electrical Machines
Mr. Subanth Williams AAssociate Professor / Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Quality
Mr. Mohamed Usman T MAssistant Professor & HOD / Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering
Mr. Samsudeen Shaffi SAssistant Professor / Artificial Intelligence and Data ScienceData Mining
Mr. Ruban Daniel VAssistant Professor / Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering
Mr. Karthick JAssistant Professor / Mechanical Engineering Fiber Composite Materials
Mrs. Reshma Raj P VAssistant Professor / Civil EngineeringConcrete Technology
Mrs. Vallirathi IAssistant Professor / Computer Science and EngineeringWireless Senor Networks